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The Biggest Horror Attraction in The Heart of Middle East

Are you brave enough to pass these rooms and tunnels? Ready to shiver from your bones? What are you waiting for?

House of Fear is a whole another experience provided by Cave Entertainment with proffesional live actors and It’s groundbreaking tech this time for Global Village in at the heart of middle east with 10 diffirent experiences. After you get your tickets and pass pre-show area you will start your journey at the abandoned school and If you can reach to the Solitary Subway and pass it next thing you know you will be deep in the jungle when you thought you find your way to the light It’ll be a deep dark cave. What is that? Finally! An escape(?) Nope, not yet. When you think you passed the impassible cave you will get to meet with Butcher the Torturerer and only If you can free yourself from his hands our next station will be an asylum and we are not even close to the end... Way will lead you to a Lab, a Lab that belongs to some mad scientist, or several, could one person really do all these experiements? Stay long enough to figure out yourself or run to the door that opens to cemetry. If you can find your way through cemetry, there’ll be one last challenge, the most horrorful one; An Exorcism Ritual.

Are you brave enough to pass Horror Tunnel? Ready to shiver from your bones? What are you waiting for?

House Of Fear